womant with headacheHeadaches

Frequently, our patients tell us that they have a “normal” amount of headaches each month. While headaches are an extremely common condition, having no headaches is what is actually “normal”. This common condition is not only painful, but can have a negative impact on many aspects of life. Patients with headaches will often report fogginess, grumpiness, lack of patience, inability to focus, and low productivity.

At Thrive, our practitioners are specially trained at diagnosing and treating headaches. It is extremely important for a practitioner to do a thorough history and examination to properly diagnose the headache, as there are many different types of headaches with many different causes. The correct diagnosis allows our practitioners to develop a specific treatment plan that is based on the most current evidence. As most headaches can be caused by an accumulation of factors, our practitioners provide a treatment plan that is comprehensive in its approach and involves multiple forms of therapy. Commonly used techniques include adjustments or spinal manipulative therapy, soft tissue release, acupuncture, exercise, stress reduction techniques, ergonomic advice, supplementation and/or nutritional recommendations. Please contact us if you would more information about how we can assist with headache relief.