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Feel your best, take control of your
health, and thrive in all of your life.

Here to help you
Thrive in life

We are a multi-disciplinary team of health professionals who work together to help you move pain-free, prevent injuries, and improve your overall health and performance.

We use hands-on therapies and an active approach during our 1 to 1 appointments to provide you with the best, personalized care to correct the root of your problem.

Our patients say…


I love how well taken care of I am at Thrive. I can always get an appointment when I need one. My concerns are always taken seriously and addressed thoroughly. I appreciate the many modalities offered within the practice to help ensure my issue is fully resolved.

Tracy M.

Thrive Health Ptbo is a fantastic organization that puts client care first. They have excellent customer service and the atmosphere is extremely positive. Thrive has motivated me to take care of myself more and they have provided plenty of tricks and tips to keep myself active and healthy at home. I would recommend anyone to go to Thrive Health Ptbo.

Mark S.

I had such a great experience here today. They were able to get me in for a last minute appointment after I woke up in severe pain this morning. I had to take my kids with me and can attest to the fact that they are truly a family centred practice! I was given easy to understand exercises to do at home and felt like their space was inclusive and accessible.

Nicole L.

What We Stand For

Expert Professionals

Our highly qualified health professionals are lifelong learners. Their expertise constantly evolves to always give you the best approach.


We believe in the power of a team. We work together and use our community networks to find the right answers to different problems. 

Exceptional Patient Experience

Everything we do is about YOU. We strive to WOW you with our attention to detail, kindness, and willingness to help.


What you see is what you get. Our openness and honesty creates a trusting relationship as we work together.

Community Engagement

We are raising our children here too. We passionately support our local economy and provide leadership to the younger generations about healthy living.

Healthy Families

We believe you can be the best role model for your family. Invest in your health. Start early. Continue always. 

We believe that when you feel better, you think better, care better, & live better, which inspires those around you to BE better.
This is how you change your community, your society, your world.

Better Health. Better Living. Better World.


Family Chiropractor

Youth Conditions & Athletes

Spine Conditions

Dr. Brad Wild
Chiropractor, Co-Owner


Pre / Postnatal



Pre / Postnatal

TMJ / Tongue Ties

Dr. Sarah Campbell

Hip & Knee Arthritis

Spinal Stenosis

Healthy Aging

Dr. Erin Cougle

Family Chiropractor




Family Chiropractor


Spine Conditions

Dr. Jenna Davis

Injury Rehab

Performance Optimization

Manish Jagwani


Gynecological Health


Mental Health

Jaime Tattrie
Chinese Medicine (TCM) Acupuncturist
Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)
Medical Herbalist (in training)

Muscle Pain

Pre / Postnatal

Lymphatic Massage

Leah Hoskin
Registered Massage Therapist

Fascial Release


Yoga Movement Therapy

Christina Downey
Registered Massage Therapist

Helping you have your best health-care experience!

Janette George
Patient Experience Manager

Helping make YOU feel at home at Thrive.

Emma Hartog
Patient Experience Coordinator

Welcoming you to your new health team!

Shelby Forbes
Patient Experience Coordinator

We are growing!
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