Sarah with laughing babyPediatric Chiropractic – Babies and Children

Our pediatric chiropractors have advanced training to help their littlest patient with their health and comfort. As parents, we know how important it is to choose interventions that are gentle, safe, effective, and have no side effects, which is why we love chiropractic!

Chiropractors treat biomechanical stresses, imbalances and/or restrictions in the musculoskeletal system which affect tension positioning and movements. The name itself means ‘by hand’ so we are very skilled at palpation, therapeutic touch and tissue and joint mobilization techniques. 

Babies take a strenuous journey during birth and sometimes mechanical restrictions occur. This is more common if there has been intervention during birth or notable birth trauma.

Normally, our body responds properly to signals from the environment or our internal organ processes. When there is an area of imbalance or restriction, the response to that signal is not appropriate or ‘normal’. 

These problems become characterized as the “functional problems of infancy” which are often termed as ‘medically unexplained symptoms’.  This is usually due to a lack of understanding, rather than lacking a clear explanation.

Some of the quality-of-life symptoms we help with are: 

  • excessive crying (sometimes described as ‘colic’)
  • appears uncomfortable lying on their back or in the car-seat, for example
  • fussiness / restless 
  • interrupted sleeping
  • torticollis
  • inability to fully turn their head in 1 direction
  • feeding issues (breastfeeding and bottle feeding)
  • constipation or upset digestion

If you are wondering if we can help your little one, give us a call at 705-775-9453 and schedule a complimentary call with a pediatric chiropractor, or book a t 15 minute complimentary consultation here.

Children & Youth

As your child grows, the development of their spine and body is related to their posture, and in this age of texting, tablets, and homework on the computer, chiropractic check-ups can reduce the effect of these daily stresses.