Physical Therapist helping patient with weightPhysiotherapy

Our Physiotherapists have expertise in injury prevention and rehabilitation as well as sports performance. They have a Masters in Physical Therapy which involves extensive training in the assessment of movement, function and physical health of the entire body.
Our physiotherapists take pride in having a hands-on, active approach to provide you with specific treatment plans based on your condition. They utilize a comprehensive approach and complete a full body assessment, understanding the interconnectedness of how the body functions.  Your physiotherapist will work with you to relieve pain, improve motion, strength and coordination, and return to the activities you love to do.
You don’t need a referral to see a physiotherapist as they are trained as primary contact practitioners. However, some insurance carriers may require a medical referral for physiotherapy services to be covered under individual policies.
Conditions with Excellent Results from Physiotherapy:
•Sports Injuries
•Shoulder Pain / Tendonitis / Rotator Cuff Issues
•Knee Pain
•Ankle & Wrist Pain
•Back & Neck Pain
•Post-surgical Rehabilitation
•Neurological Conditions
•Vestibular Disorders – Vertigo/Dizziness/Balance
•Performance Assessment and Optimization