Mandy Livings

Patient Experience Coordinator

Mandy will always greet you with the sweetest smile and calm patience in her role as our Patient Experience Coordinator. She finds the opportunity to make a positive impact on people’s lives as the first contact at Thrive to be incredibly rewarding.

Mandy has a diverse range of interests and experiences. She has been the proud owner and lead instructor of a dance and yoga studio where her love of music, movement and mindfulness has created a space for individuals can explore their physical and mental well-being. She also has an academic degree in English and History which has fueled her Irish passion for storytelling and understanding the complexities of the past. She continues to use these skills in editing essays and these for university students, and finds it truly fulfilling to help others refine their written work and achieve their academic goals.

Mandy is a devoted parent to three amazing teenagers who constantly inspire her with their curiosity and growth. Additionally, her household is filled with laughter and love (and sometimes aggravation!) thanks to three silly rescue dogs. They bring bundles of unconditional love and remind her of the importance of compassion and care.

In everything Mandy does, whether it’s caring for patients, nurturing the artistic and physical well-being of others, or guiding students in their academic pursuits, she strives to make a positive difference. She is grateful for the opportunities life has presented and looks forward to the future adventures that await.