4 knee braces

Custom Orthopedic Knee Bracing

We offer world-class, premium custom knee braces from DonJoy which are specially designed just for you. They are lightweight, comfortable, and easy to apply. They are also available in a variety of fun colours!

The 2 most common injuries which benefit most from a custom brace are:

  1. Knee Arthritis (Osteoarthritis): Offload the damaged part of the knee, reduce pain and enjoy walking and daily activity again. Keep moving through all stages of arthritis.
  2. Ligamentous Instability (ACL, PCL, MCL Injuries & Post-operative Rehab):  Get back to sport and perform your best with the right support and stability system.

The Process

1. Complimentary Assessment & Fitting
Bracing expert Dr. Brad Wild will review your injury history and perform an examination of your knee movement and function. If a brace is recommended, he will complete a specific measurement protocol taking your sport and activity needs into account.

2. Health Insurance Support
We offer support in submitting your claim, ensuring all the required paperwork is completed.

3. Custom Fitting & Wear Appointment
Once your custom brace arrives, Dr. Brad will make sure it fits perfectly and teach you how to wear it during all the activities that are important to you.

4. Getting Stronger
Along with your brace, a customized rehabilitation plan is often a key strategy to better living. Our team will be able provide you a team-based approach to strengthening your knee and optimizing your performance.

Book a Complimentary Custom Knee Bracing Assessment to determine whether you could live better with the right knee brace.